The office of Tractus Design & Construction is characterized by their modern style and tranquil atmosphere. The space has been designed based on the needs of the collaborators, utilizing every square meter to the fullest. It consists of reception areas, a shared hall, a meeting room hosting a materials library, and three private offices.

The majority of the furniture and partitions are specially designed for this particular space to provide it with ergonomics and its unique character, aesthetically, in terms of color, and functionally. Space organization promotes productivity, while specially designed work zones help create an integrated work environment.

Aesthetically and chromatically, the space reflects a calm yet theatrical disposition achieved through color contrasts, rich textures, materials, and soft lighting. Wooden surfaces in walnut finishes, stones, velvets, and natural plants combine to create a gentle yet vibrant ambiance that stimulates creativity and imagination.

With this design, we create a space that not only promotes productivity but also reflects the spirit and teamwork of our company. At the heart of our design lies the belief that a well-decorated space is the key to an engaging and pleasant work environment.